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You code your visits and we take care of the rest by using our advanced technology, process and knowledgeable team

Specialized Billing & Collections Staff

Specialized and highly trained team of billing and collections staff to ensure strong revenue performance

Billing Rule Engine

Advanced rules engine to catch and prevent errors in the revenue cycle from registration and claims submission through payments

Claim Submission

Claims scrubbed both manually by our billers and by the clearing house to ensure claims are clean and accurate on first submission

Denials and Claim Rejections

Follow-up on all denials and focus on continuous reduction of denials and rejections to speed up the revenue cycle collections

Insurance and Patient Payment Posting

Post all payments in the system. Underpayments analysis to ensure you collect dollar owed to you

Payer Follow-up

Follow-up with payers on outstanding AR.

Patient Billing

Patient statements generated and sent daily.

Patient Calls

Handle all patient billing inquiries. Follow-up calls to patients that haven't paid after 2 statements


Review and send delinquent patient accounts to collections

Physician Credentialing

Provide and manage physician credentialing for all major payers

Advanced Analytics

Customized dashboards and analytics to help you understand the health of your practice

Software Services Included

Full access to integrated suite of EHR, Practice Management and Patient Portal software. Implementation of software and support included

Ongoing Training

Ongoing training for your staff, so they can do the best job to make your practice a high performing practice

Designated Account Manager

Dedicated point of contact that continuously analyzes your practice for possible improvements to the revenue cycle and cash flow

MD Synergy continuously measures, audits, analyzes and improves all key areas that impact your clinic's financial performance.



Q. How frequently do you submit claims?
A.We scrub and submit claims within 1 to 2 business days of receiving the charge information from physicians.

Q. How frequently do you re-submit file rejections?
A. In order to get your practice reimbursed as quickly as possible, we clear all rejected claims within 24 hours.

Q. How often do you mail patient statements?
A. Patient statements are sent within 2 business days.

Q. What are your clients’ average AR days (Days Accounts Receivable Outstanding)?
A. The best managed practices in the country have an average AR days between 35-40 days. The national average AR days, however, is nearly 50 days. We believe there is substantial room for financial process improvement in the vast majority of medical practices.

Q. What are your clients’ average percentage of receivables over 120 days?
A. The MGMA cites that receivables over 120 days are only 20% collectible and should not exceed 10% of the total. We strive to meet or exceed that benchmark with every client.

Q. Do you compare my negotiated fee schedule against the actual insurance reimbursement?
A. We provide and utilize MD Synergy's Practice Management software. We actively compare every reimbursement against the negotiated fee schedule and re-submit any claim paid below that fee schedule.

Q. Can you suggest process improvements in my practice to enable higher and more timely reimbursement? What are some examples of improvements you have suggested to other clients?
A. We conduct a detailed Personal Practice Analysis with every client. We review that analysis with the Practice Manager and Physician and detail actionable suggestions for improvement. One common, but crucial improvement in practices we have worked with is ensuring that the insurance and prior authorization data being entered is as accurate and complete as possible.

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