Our Customers LOVE Us!

Thomas Anker, DO

Family Medicine - Sacramento, CA

“After over one year of careful consideration I am so happy to have chosen Althea for my outpatient family medicine practice. Both Athena and Epic EHR were heavily considered, but ultimately, it was a no-brainer; Althea is far superior to all of them. I have also used Cerner and Kareo. Althea is the only system that is actually a pleasure to use. In addition, the customer service is unparalleled. Thank you Althea for all your hard work."

Ali Sheybani, MD

Internal Medicine - Sherman Oaks, CA

“I’ve been using telemedicine option of Althea EHR in my office over the past few days and I can tell that this option is amazing. Video streaming is flawless and sound quality is immaculate. My patients are really happy. Highly recommended."

Steven Kamajian, DO

Family Medicine - Montrose, CA

"I have found the Telehealth-Telemedicine option available on our EMR to be easy for the patients to use- easy for my staff to use- and easy for me to use. It is secure- and the patients know it is secure. One of our clinical responsibilities is to provide peace of mind. That is easier when the patients see our face and also know everything they tell us is HIPPA secure and safe.”

John Kaufman, MD

Orthopedics - Valencia, CA

"After a very brief training session online we were able to immediately begin practicing with Telemedicine. Both our doctor and patients have easily been able to use this and are in fact grateful that during this time we were able to give and they were able to receive medical care in a safe way. We have also been receiving reimbursements through insurance companies already and easily with the CPT codes provided. This has been a very beneficial program for our office as well as our patients. I would definitely recommend this for any practice, whether it be a speciality practice like ours or any other type of practice."

Trinidad Aguilar, MD

Internal Medicine - Burbank, CA

"I have been using telemedicine and I love it!...I am very happy with Althea EMR. It has made my practice more efficient. The software is easily accessible on my iPad and smartphone, and easy to use. As a result, I am able to get things done quickly, making it possible to spend more time on patient care. I highly recommend Althea EMR for any medical practice."

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Private Practice - New York, NY

"Thank you to the Althea Staff for their quick responsiveness to the urgent need of Telehealth and provide continued patient care during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are grateful for your development of the easy to use telehealth platform and your contribution to the medical field."

Garbis Apelian, MD

Family Medicine - Van Nuys, CA

"The best and the most effective and efficient EMR system I have ever dealt with. It has made my front and back office employees’ lives much easier and productive. Its features are limitless allowing timely management and maintenance of patient’s medical records. I would highly recommend this product to any medical clinic."

Christopher Ho, MD

Dermatology - Los Angeles, CA

"I had Althea implementation this week and this EHR is very simple to operate and learn. I have a busy dermatology office with over 100 patients every day. I did not have to change my schedule on the implementation date and the transition from the old EHR to Althea went very smoothly without any issues. I have used other EHRs that were often cumbersome and very difficult to operate. Althea is very intuitive and if you know how to operate an iPhone it should be a breeze for anyone. The system allows you to configure various templates for customization. I am SO happy with Althea."

Shadan Safvati, MD

Internal Medicine - Tarzana, CA

"MD Synergy has been a great asset to our practice since we implemented it. Everything from medication orders to documentation has been improved in speed for us. We are very satisfied with this platform and absolutely recommend it to all providers looking for a way to increase efficiency in their work."

Armen Hagopjanian, DPM, FACFAS

Foot & Ankle Surgery, Podiatry - Burbank, CA

"I have been using MD Synergy since 2003. Over the past 16 years I witnessed yearly improvements dedicated to making physicians charting and practice management better. It is another tool in doctors' arsenal to treat their patients better."

Stephen A. Schmones, MD

OB/GYN - Glendale, CA

"I have been using the Althea EHR system in my medical office. It is a good system and the people at Althea have been very responsive and helpful to all our questions and needs. They have also customized the system and templates to our individual and specific needs. I would highly recommend Althea EHR!!"

Arbi Ghazarian, MD

Family Medicine - Glendale, CA

"I really like this new EMR. It has made my life so much easier. First of all it’s mobile capacity is great. I can be on vacation, in bed, or anywhere else and I can immediately access the application on my phone or iPad. Second, I LOVE The dictation capacity of the program. I don’t get finger cramps anymore due to excessive typing. They have been very receptive to improvements to the program by the local physicians, and it has been very easy to reach them when I have a question. They’re adding new features every day to the program and working very hard to improve the program. This program is much better than any other EMR I have used EVER!"

Jorge O. Bautista, PA

Family Medicine - Oxnard, CA

"Althea is a great new addition to our practice. It is very customizable and works well with our needs. It has cut down the time the doctors spend charting to more patients contact. Overall great EHR definitely would recommend it to other medical practices."

Stuart From, MD

Allergy & Immunology - Englewood, NJ

"I have been using MD Synergy software in my practice for about seven years. While I have been quite satisfied with its performance, I am now using the newer version, Althea. It is more streamlined, user friendly, and easily customizable to the individual needs of my specialty."

Lim L. Taw, MD

Internal Medicine - Glendale, CA

"I'd like to share my experience on Althea Smart EHR. For someone who is not computer savvy at all - I find the software to be very easy to incorporate in my busy practice. It is a user friendly and reliable software. I can operate it anywhere with my IPad and smart phone. I am now feeling confident and eager to start work without fear. Support is always available and ready to help me out whenever I need help. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of trying out Althea to give it a try. I am very satisfied and I want to thank Randhir for his wonderful support."

Ashok Raj, MD

Nephrology - Pasadena, CA

"I’ve had the pleasure of using Althea for several months now. Even for a physician from the dinosaur age I’ve had little trouble negotiating the EMR! I would recommend it without any reservations."

Lawrence R. Leiter, MD

Family Medicine - Canyon Country, CA

"I've been using the MD Synergy EMR since 2014. They provided me with excellent and conscientious service. The new tools have been outstanding. It has become, if not one of the best EMR programs, possibly the best. If anyone has questions regarding this program please give me a call."

Samuel Burstein, MD

Internal Medicine - Calabasas, CA

"Very simple, reliable and easy to use. Special thanks to company CEO Mr. Randhir Tuli. I have reached support at 7 am on Sunday and my issues were promptly addressed and resolved."

Trung D. Bui, MD, FACS

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery - Thousand Oaks, CA

"Althea EMR is fast, user-friendly and highly mobile. The technical support staff is readily available. I am very glad that I switched to Althea. I strongly endorse this product."

Marina Burstein, MD

Pediatrics - Calabasas, CA

"Althea exceeded my expectations. Even the vaccination module is set up right both for records and billing. Customer service is addressing most of our issues very promptly. Thank you!"

Cesar A. Caldera, MD

Cosmetic Surgery, OB/GYN - Glendale, CA

"Using Althea has been a blessing to my practice. I recommend without hesitation."